M&A Integration

M&A Integration

Once a transaction is completed and the ink is dry, companies have to face the following question: Now what do we do? Achieving the anticipated value from a deal is tricky and requires up-front planning and post-deal execution. Value can leak from a deal in various ways:

  • Integration execution is not well-planned and takes too long
  • The intended benefits from the integration are not operationalized
  • Organizations continue to function separately
  • Focus on day-to-day operations falls off as efforts are directed to the new organization
  • Relationships in the market place are disrupted
  • Confusion arises within the combined company about roles and responsibilities
  • Morale declines and the company experiences lost productivity and turnover

We believe that planning for the integration should take place as soon as the target is identified and the due diligence work is being performed. Horwitz Group can provide experienced, hands-on resources to assist with the integration tasks, ranging from:

  • Developing the integration work plan
  • Creating and facilitating a transition team and steering committee to ensure that key managers understand valuation assumptions and their role in realizing them
  • Establishing governance processes
  • Validating all assumptions from the initial deal
  • Executing activities essential for control, communications, and governance
  • Developing functional work teams and work plans
  • Backfilling tactical operational positions while personnel is restructured and retrained

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