Proper financing and capital can help start-up and established companies alike realize their goals. But investors and lenders want to see more than your goals and dreams when making capital decisions. They want to see your business plan, financials, systems, procedures and the other elements that drive your company.

To ensure your successful capitalization transaction, we first match you with the right source. Our years of experience in capitalization transactions have helped us establish a rich network of lenders and investors – from angel and institutional investors to venture capital funds to institutional lenders and beyond.

Next, we help you prepare the documentation and materials you need to make a compelling case to right investors. We help review everything that will impact the capital decision – from your business plan to your management team to your marketing strategy – and suggest revisions that will make your company more appealing to capital markets.

We also help by:

  • Coaching and assistance in transaction negotiations and closing
  • Identifying how much and what type of capital is needed
  • Conducting thorough tax and accounting analysis and planning

Discover how clients are working with The Horwitz Group to obtain capitalization or contact us to learn more.